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What are the major categories of hotel kitchen equipment?
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 Hotel kitchen equipment usually includes cooking heating equipment, such as stoves: gas oven, steam cabinet, electromagnetic oven, infrared oven, microwave oven or electric oven. Processing categories: dough mixer, steamed bread machine, press, slicer, meat grinder, juice press, etc. Disinfection and cleaning processing equipment: cleaning table, stainless steel basin table, dishwasher, dishwasher or dishwasher, disinfection cabinet. Room temperature and low temperature storage equipment for food raw materials, utensils and semi-finished products: flat shelves, rice noodles cabinets, refrigerators, freezers, refrigerators, etc. Usually used kitchen equipment includes: ventilation equipment such as smoke hood, air duct, air cabinet, fume purifier for waste water treatment, oil separator pool, etc. Large-scale catering industry also includes food delivery elevators. Due to the special hygienic requirements of hotel kitchens, with the progress of society, in the past 20 years, stainless steel has been widely used in the kitchen of hotels to meet the hygienic and health requirements.
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