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Principles of Choosing and Purchasing Hotel Kitchen Equipment
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Hotel kitchen equipment should be able to resist pollution, especially to prevent cockroaches, rats, ants and other contaminated food functions, in order to ensure the intrinsic quality of the whole kitchen equipment.
Principle of Fire Protection
The surface of kitchen equipment in hotels should have fire protection capability. All the surface materials of kitchen equipment produced by regular kitchen equipment manufacturers are made of non-flammable and flame-retardant materials.
Principle of Convenience
The operation in the kitchen should have a reasonable process. In the design of kitchen equipment, it is very important to design the arrangement of various parts according to the correct process, which is very convenient for future use. Thirdly, the height of the stove and the location of the hanging cabinet have a direct impact on the convenience of use. Hotel kitchen equipment that conforms to ergonomic principles and kitchen operation procedures should be selected.
Principle of Beauty
Hotel kitchen equipment requires not only pleasant shape and color, but also durability. Therefore, it requires easy pollution prevention and good cleaning performance.
Principles of security
Apart from fire safety, hotel kitchen equipment also needs the quality assurance of its products. In the design of hotel kitchen equipment, we should consider that it conforms to the principle of human safety in the use process, avoid excessive sharp design, and ensure the safety of people in the use process.
Principles of conservation and environmental protection
Hotel kitchen equipment is fueled by coal, which is usually fueled by oil, gas and more environmentally friendly. In addition, most of the products of kitchen equipment itself, such as energy-saving stoves produced by professional hotel kitchen equipment manufacturers, can save energy by more than 30% - 60%.
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