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Cautions in Design of Hotel Kitchen Equipment
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1. Health.
Hotel kitchen equipment, itself should have the ability to resist pollution, to prevent cockroaches, ants and other food pollution, to ensure the hygiene of kitchen food storage. That is to say, the internal quality of hotel kitchen equipment should pass. Now in the market cabinet design, all the sealing technology is cockroach-proof strip seal, effectively prevent food from being polluted.
2. Fire prevention.
Although the present hotel kitchen equipment develops rapidly, even the emergence of nameless fire equipment has caused the kitchen revolution, but most of the equipment still uses open fire, so the fire-retardant ability of the equipment directly determines the safety of kitchen utensils and even hotels, especially the fire-proof ability of kitchen utensils surface. Therefore, the hotel chooses kitchen equipment and kitchen utensils made of non-flammable and flame-retardant materials, which are manufactured by regular manufacturers.
3. Convenience.
The unique service characteristics of the hotel require a reasonable process for the operation of the hotel kitchen. At the same time, the design of kitchen equipment should take into account the convenience of future use. For example, the height of the stove, the location of the hanging cabinet and so on, must conform to the principles of human engineering and kitchen operation procedures.
4. Beauty.
With the increasing attention paid to kitchen life, products with beautiful appearance and pleasant colors have become the mainstream of the market. In addition, due to the requirement of persistence, kitchen equipment should also have anti-pollution, easy to clean performance, product materials can have the ability to resist oil stains and fume, to ensure that kitchen equipment can be clean as new for a long time.
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