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Why Choose Stainless Steel for Commercial Kitchen Equipment
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Now commercial kitchen equipment is basically stainless steel material, so what's the advantage of choosing stainless steel material for commercial kitchen equipment? Today, people and Xiaobian will talk about the advantages of using stainless steel for commercial kitchen design.

1. The integration of water basin, baffle and table makes the whole table feel stronger, prevents the reproduction of bacteria, and will never crack.
2. Stainless steel material must be environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, without radiation.
3. Good washing, no sanitary corner, good maintenance.
4. Fireproof and high temperature resistance.
5. Good penetration resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, good resistance, high external strength.
6. Good resistance, high hardness, more wear-resistant, suitable for public occasions of staff sports.
7. Never change color, bright as new outside.
8. Compared with other materials, stainless steel is of high quality and low price.
So, how to maintain stainless steel commercial kitchen equipment?
1. Clean the dirt outside with a wet cloth on time and dry it with a dry cloth.
2. Prevent all kinds of liquid condiments such as vinegar, cooking wine from spilling on the outside. Once invented, it should be washed and dried in real time with clean water.
3. Do not move the stove, shelf, cooking machinery and other equipment frequently, especially the application of floor sliding.
4. Stainless steel cookers should often reflect on whether they can leak fire.
Maintenance of kitchen is always a more troublesome task. Maintenance of stainless steel kitchen equipment needs a long time to better maintain commercial kitchen equipment, in order to better increase the service life of commercial kitchen equipment.
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